1. What is included in the Care Management Fee?

There are a variety of services that can be included in the Care Management Fee at Epiphany Assisted Living. These services can include:
• Weekly housekeeping-bed linen change
• Nursing/staff available for all emergencies; 24 hour on-call: management and nursing staff; emergency call system with personal pendant;
• RN or LPN staff on-site 7 days a week; in-house home health staff available 24 hours per day; nursing maintains updated plans of care on all residents; nursing visits every 90 days to assess level of care and services provided; nursing liaison to physicians/other medical services;
• Wellness checks twice daily at meal time;
• Monthly vital signs and weights and care conferences with family and caregivers as needed.

2. How often does a nurse evaluate my loved one’s progress/condition?

At Epiphany Assisted Living, a Registered Nurse will perform an individualized initial assessment within 5 days of initiating services, within 14 days after the start of services, and every 90 days ongoing. Additional assessments will be completed if there is a change of condition or a concern with your loved one’s health and abilities. Assessments are completed in person by the RN. The POA, or the designee will be contacted with concerns and changes.

3. I have long-term insurance and/or Veteran's Benefits; how does this work?

Epiphany Senior Housing is not a contractor of care for Long-term Insurance Benefits or for Veteran’s Benefits; however, we will work with them in accordance to their policies. Generally, there is necessary paperwork that requires our attention on a first-time and monthly basis and in most cases you will be mailed a check by the provider for which you are able to pay some or all our monthly expenses. Should your insurance or veteran’s benefit not agree to pay for these expenses, your loved one is still held accountable for monthly expenses incurred.

4. When and if, will my loved one’s needs be too great to be served by the staff at Epiphany Assisted Living?

We consider each resident a member of the Epiphany Senior Housing family. It is our goal to see that this is their home and that they will not need to move as their care needs change. However, there are times when a resident’s care needs cannot be met by our staffing levels. These changes may occur due to the need of 24/7 medical management by RN/LPNs or by cares that require more one-to-one management of needs. Each resident has a unique circumstance and we will work with each resident and their family/POA to ensure the best possible care environment.

5. What is the apartment notice period should my loved one need higher level of care or pass?

Should your loved one need a higher level of care or pass away, the notice period is 14 days. Any other move requires a 30 day written notice.

6. Does Epiphany provide specialized diets?

Epiphany Assisted Living does not provide special diets for individual residents. However, we do have a standard substitute menu with a variety of additional food options for those who need to substitute another food item instead of the regular meal item.