Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

At Epiphany Senior Housing, our mission is to help seniors continue their roles as vital community members by supporting their diverse needs, surrounding them with care and companionship, and involving them in an active and meaningful life.

Our Vision

We have created a caring community that spans all stages of life. Both Epiphany Pines and Epiphany Assisted Living are connected by a link to Epiphany Catholic Church an Epiphany Catholic school in order for our residents to easily access the rest of the Epiphany Campus. The connection is more than geographic. We see aging adults as vital members of our community. We support their role in the community by providing them with personally tailored services so they can stay active, important and happy well into the golden years.

Caregiver buttoning up senior man's shirt

Our Values

Our mission is values-driven. We carry it out on a daily basis, in the decisions we make and the care we provide. We believe that:

Caring support is critical

Seniors do better when they are surrounded by a community of friends, family members and professionals who can help them live their best lives. And when a community truly cares for its senior members, it benefits from their wisdom and guidance. Everyone becomes happier and healthier.

Learning is lifelong

Learning does not stop when a person graduates from school or retires from a job. It is a lifelong process. Seniors should continue to learn in ways that are personally meaningful to them, whether that’s mastering a new craft or a new skill that makes daily living easier.

Faith is fundamental

As part of a vibrant Catholic community, faith is essential to what we do. We welcome people of all faiths at Epiphany Senior Housing, and we encourage our residents and their families to live active spiritual lives that bring them hope and inspiration.

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